Fire Alarm, Fire Detection System and Fire Suppression

Protect your people and property with our intelligent Fire Alarm System, Fire Detectors, Smoke Detector, Fire Suppression.

We offer Fire Alarm Solution with Fire Detection, Fire Suppression, & Smoke detectors from reputed brands like Honeywell, Cooper, Morley and Ravel.

Safer surrounding is what everybody hopes for. But, the danger can come when it is least expected.
So, it is important to favor the safety of your people by installing Fire Alarm Detection in your building, shops, showrooms, schools, etc. In order to focus on Fire Detection, you may not need to invest in high-tech systems, allow us to connect it to our 24 X 7, 365 days service fire alarm control panel.

We are one of the leading service provider and authorised dealer for Fire Alarm and Fire Detection System in Mumbai. With over 20+ years of experience in Fire Detection, Fire Suppression & Smoke detectors we have become the No.1 Fire Alarm System dealer in the town. We have our own advanced Fire Alarm System technology of Control Panel where devices work together to detect fire, giving an alert to people through visual and audio appliances for Fire Prevention.

It is very essential to choose appropriate Fire Alarm brand with highly reliable features which ensures the safety of your property. Our professional team design the best installation plan with the customized solutions for high level of security with fire detectors.

The Brands we deals in: Honeywell, Morley, Cooper, Ravel

Fire ALarm Solutions

    • Fire Alarm Control Panel
    • Fire Alarm Monitoring
    • Emergency & Exit Lights
    • Kitchen Suppression
    • Fire Sprinkler Systems
    • Value Inspection Program

With comprehensive installation, tests and constant inspection we help you to save your time and energy with cost effective plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need Fire Alarm System in my building?
According to Maharashtra Fire Prevention & Life Safety Measure Act, 2006 and Maharashtra Fire Prevention and Life Safety Measures Rules, 2009, it is mandatory to undertake Fire prevention measures.
What measures do we need to take while working on Fire Safety?
  • • Plan for fire prevention & control.
  • • Systems for fire prevention & control.
  • • Maintenance Schedules/ SOPs for systems related to fire prevention & control.
  • • Inspection protocols for fire safety installations.
  • • Codes for announcement of fire related emergency, procedures and communication protocols for the same.
  • • Responsibilities of different departments in case of fire.
  • • Procedures, frequency & protocols for mock drills.
  • • Constitution of Fire Fighting & Evacuation Teams.
  • • Evacuation Plan.
  • • Electrical Safety & System.
How inspection is performed during the Fire Alarm ?
  • • Contact building personnel and appropriate monitoring entities to remove system from service.
  • • Contact building personnel and appropriate monitoring entities to remove system from service.
  • • Inspect function of fire alarm control panel, primary and secondary power supplies, lamps, trouble signals fuses, disconnect switches and interface equipment.
  • • Perform visual and functional check of manual pull stations, smoke, heat and duct detectors according to manufacturer's' recommendations.
  • • Perform sensitivity testing as required.
  • • Verify receipt of all signals, including supervisory, alarm signals alarm locations at fire alarm control panel and monitoring entity if applicable.
  • •Restore fire alarm control panel and remote annunciators to normal condition.
  • • Return system to service after notifying appropriate entities.
  • • Upon completion of inspection and any necessary repairs, applicable inspection documents and noted deficiencies shall be left at location and available electronically.